Should the Giants move on from Eli Manning?

Eli Manning

Franchise quarterbacks are typically given preferential treatment, but there comes a time where that “free pass” has to expire. Such is the case with Eli Manning, a man who’s certainly on the list of greatest quarterbacks in New York Giants history. He’s never been the model of consistency, but at least he’s been able to carry the team to 2 Super Bowl victories, which obviously plays a part in his status. However, he’s spent a long time with the team (this year is his 15th season), and, as much as it hurts to admit this, it’s time to move forward.

However, there are a few issues with replacing Manning. First, making it happen now would be very hard to accomplish. Kyle Lauletta, the rookie quarterback the Giants drafted in April, certainly isn’t ready yet to assume the starting job, making an in-house replacement virtually non-existent. Another issue is finding someone who could immediately click with the receiving corps. That said, Manning’s been very “hit or miss” so far this season, so while this is obviously important, an outside replacement could be the answer.

Max Kellerman of First Take proposed an interesting solution: the New York Giants should sign Colin Kaepernick. I for one fully support this option. Kaepernick is a dynamic quarterback who can move the ball just as easily on the ground as he can through the air. Another positive is that he’s maintained himself to be in game-playing shape. I think that this, while certainly controversial, represents the Giants’ best path forward.

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