Selection Sunday Reflections

Selection Sunday, as it always does, brought its fair share of surprises. One I liked was that Michigan State is the last No. 1 seed in the tournament. I think that after four years of toil, Draymond Green deserves to be one of the favorites heading into the tournament. Also, seeing Florida State as a No. 3 seed is something nobody could’ve expected at the beginning of the year. Their recent success (beating UNC and Duke both in the regular season and on consecutive days in the ACC tournament) have been acknowledged now, which is great for every Seminole fan. The last surprise I liked was NC State. During the regular season, they weren’t all that notable, but they did have some big wins. Now, as a No. 11 seed playing No. 6 seed San Diego State, I’m looking for the Wolfpack to upset the Aztecs in the first round.

Now, on to the one thing I didn’t like about this year’s bracket. I didn’t like what happened with Seton Hall and Washington. They both were good teams but were neglected simply because the selection committee decided to shake things up a bit this year (St. Bonaventure, really?). Also, regarding St. Bonaventure, The Wall Street Journal predicted that they’d score the big upset and beat Florida State in the first round. I won’t say too much, but I think the people at the Wall Street Journal should stick to writing about Wall Street, not sports.

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