Round 2 of the EURO 2020 Group Stage is over. What happens next will blow everyone’s minds.

The beautiful game of international football when played on the international stage is one of the most thrilling things anyone will ever witness. The unpredictability of the outcome in every game ties together the hopes and dreams of two nations, one of which will celebrate and the other will be devastated. However, it’s pretty usual that after the second of three rounds of the group stage that we have a reasonably good idea of who will advance and who’s eliminated. Not this time.

As of right now, through two full matchdays and Group A’s third, only two teams have been eliminated (North Macedonia and Turkey) and four teams have qualified (Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Wales). That means that juggernauts like Spain, Poland, defending European champions Portugal, current World Cup holders France, Germany and England have their fates hanging in the balance this week.

Good news is that it’s highly unlikely that any of these teams won’t qualify, but stranger things have happened in the world of sport. For instance, Turkey, the team everyone predicted would be the dark horse of the tournament, got eliminated with zero points through three matches.

Going forward through the week to see the fates of the other five groups, I believe that there will be a bunch of shockers and it’ll be hard to predict the end result.

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