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Nick Kyrgios needs mental health advice

Mental health is not a laughing matter. This isn’t up for debate, and thankfully, it’s become more accepted to seek help. Mental health has also become a larger point of discussion in the public sphere. A major part of mental health is anger management. Problems in this area are usually the first sign that someone’s struggling, particularly if they fly off the handle at a moment’s notice. What compounds this problem is that people with mental health issues, particularly anger management, aren’t so receptive to getting help.

Such is the case with Australian men’s tennis player Nick Kyrgios. Currently ranked 36th in the world, Kyrgios came onto the scene seven years ago and quickly achieved success, becoming only the third player ever to defeat Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in their first-ever meetings. For a player who has made so much progress and has so much of his career ahead of him (he’s just 24), you would think that he would just keep getting better. The problem is that he’s not.

Kyrgios is more famous for throwing tantrums on the tennis court than he is for winning matches, which is a pity, since his playing ability is sublime. Normally, a tennis player getting upset isn’t unfathomable: They’re passionate athletes who expect to win every time they play. But Kyrgios goes a step too far (or maybe three or four steps) by berating umpires, smashing rackets and throwing chairs (as seen in Rome last week). It’s a sobering reminder that mental health problems rob us of the best traits of a person. I don’t believe we’ve ever seen Kyrgios play his best tennis, simply because he lets his emotions boil over and consume him. He has the potential to be a top-five player in the world, but everyone’s been saying that for seven years. Until he seeks help and straightens out his anger issues, he simply won’t make it.

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