Philip Rivers is the best, most mistake-prone, quarterback

Philip Rivers is best known as the long-time quarterback for the San Diego Chargers. Now normally, someone who’s been a team’s quarterback for 11 years must have done a few things. Probably first on that list is not being prone to making crucial mistakes. But Philip Rivers is different. He’s so good, the Chargers see past his mistake-prone nature and realize that, after 11 years of not really making it all too far in the playoffs and making crucial errors during the regular season, he still gives the Chargers the best chance at victory.

But how is this, considering that NFL culture generally dictates that quarterbacks who routinely make mistakes shouldn’t be regular starters? Well, part of it is that the Chargers organization, in all their wisdom, have not yet drafted a suitable replacement for Rivers, so the organization has to keep Rivers in because they’d rather go with someone who’s experienced and mistake-prone than someone who’s never succeeded in the NFL. Also, for all the complaints people can have about Rivers, the fact remains that he is one of the most effective quarterbacks of the 21st Century. Simply put, you can’t get rid of someone who just moved into 10th place all-time in career passing touchdowns. It just wouldn’t be smart.

In a perfect world, Philip Rivers would have already made it to a Super Bowl, but perhaps it’s fitting that he hasn’t, because he’s the Old Reliable who makes mistakes a lot. So maybe he isn’t exactly the definition of “Old Reliable,” but he’s the best thing the Chargers have.

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