Pacquiao Got Robbed

Many experts have already written on this, but the Pacquiao-Horn fight qualifies as a thrown fight. I don’t know if it was fixed, but it was definitely thrown. It was a bad end to a terrific match, so unfortunately this fight will be remembered for the result, and I think that’s very unfortunate. It’s reflective of a larger disturbing trend in boxing that favors the home-field advantage (Horn was raised in Brisbane where the fight was held) and rewards good effort above technical skill.

The fight itself was a terrific fight. For 12 rounds, Pacquiao and Horn traded punches and both were seemingly set from the get-go to make this an entertaining match. Pacquiao had the much cleaner punches all night long, but Horn was more than able to throw him off his rhythm at times and absorb the blows. Simply put, this was a fight that Pacquiao should’ve won but would’ve raised Jeff Horn to new heights.

Instead, people are up in arms about the fact that Pacquiao got robbed. I agree with them. Pacquiao did get robbed. But it’s not like Horn didn’t do everything he could to remain competitive. Even after the referee nearly stopped the fight in the 9th round because Pacquiao was having his way, Horn still kept going, remaining a symbol of being game and rising to the challenge.

Thankfully, there was a rematch clause in the contract that was signed for the fight and hopefully it will happen by the end of 2017. And hopefully, the judges next time are fair.

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