You remember that feeling you had as a kid when you’d finished your boring dinner and were finally allowed to have dessert? Remember how awesome that was? That’s how sports fans are now since playoff baseball is officially underway. October Baseball is the best baseball of the year and no amount of arguing to the contrary will ever be able to change either my mind or the minds of countless baseball fans.

There are many reasons why this is. First, every game matters, so the environment is on a different level. Stadiums are packed. Fans are screaming constantly. The passion is incredibly palpable, and it makes you realize that attending at least one playoff baseball game is something you must do in your life. Second, the level of play is just ratcheted up from what it is during the regular season. Upon first glance, it’s hard to understand this difference. However, after a while of watching playoff games, you’ll realize that things are different: players perform inordinately well in playoff games, both defensively and offensively.

But the final reason happens during the World Series. Let’s just compare this to the excitement a child feels opening their presents on Christmas morning. Now multiply that excitement by 10. That’s what the World Series is like. The only thing I can reasonably compare it to is going to a huge concert and watching a world-famous musician (pick one) perform. As I said, you must go to at least one playoff game in your life because you HAVE to experience the excitement for yourself. I will be doing that this year at Yankee Stadium (seeing your favorite team in the playoffs makes it even more special), and I’m fully ready to an environment unlike any other.

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