NFL: Stop the bad calls

Week 3 has already passed and we still don’t have an agreement between the referee’s union and the team owners.What this has done is to throw the league into chaos.The replacement refs (from D-II and D-III) are HORRIBLE. For instance, the game-ending touchdown call at the end was completely wrong. Even the NFL itself admitted so (though they can’t change the win).What’s more, the amount of calls the refs are missing might possibly lead to seriously jeopardizing the health of players and the chances of having and fair and legitimate season. In reference to the first point, defensive players across the league are able to be a little more physical with receivers because the replacements aren’t calling pass interference as much as they should be. What this has the potential to do is lead to someone getting an ACL tear because they’re being held down while they’re trying to jump up to catch the ball.

Basically, Roger Goodell needs to figure out a solution to this labor dispute between the owners and the referee’s union because if he doesn’t, he’ll only make the league more of an embarrassment than it already is only three weeks into the season. He MUST step in now!

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