More Excitement in the Playoffs? Sounds Good to Me.

While the collective sports world is at a standstill, the NFL is still carrying on business as usual. The NFL Draft is still scheduled for the end of the month in Las Vegas, league executives anticipate that the season will start on time, and they’ve even ratified some rule changes. But the latest one may prove to be the most game-changing one in quite a long time.

The owners have approved a rule change that adds a third wild card spot to each conference. So, each division winner will still get in with the top four seeds. After that though, it’ll now be the three best non-division winners who make the playoffs. Additionally, this means that only the #1 seeds in each conference will get first-round byes, instead of the #1 and #2 seeds, as it’s been for decades.

I like this rule change on a personal level. I always am looking for the maximum amount of excitement when I watch sports, and this change will only make Wild Card Weekend, already an exciting weekend of playoff football, even more intense! Just imagine the #7 seed upsetting the #2 seed. Wouldn’t that send shockwaves through the football world? Just think of the possibilities. Also, it’ll inspire more competition, since there’s now one extra playoff spot per conference. That means that there’s one more playoff spot to scratch and claw for.

For a league that’s usually mired in controversy, the NFL got this decision right this time. I think that their sound decision-making in starting to get them in the good graces of their loyal fans, but they still have a ways to go (like getting some good quality referees!).

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