¡Mexicanos, Al Grito De Guerra!

A historic moment 33 years in the making arrived at the World Cup today as the Mexico beat Germany 1-0 in a thrilling match that rarely wavered in its up-tempo pace. Throughout the match, Mexico managed to contain the Germans, a feat that has rarely been accomplished regardless of their opposition, by employing tight defending and effective counter-attacking strategies. However, the technicalities of how Mexico won won’t really matter to their fans right now, because all they’re concerned about is that they finally beat Mexico!

Coming into the 2018 World Cup, every expert worth their salt pegged Germany, the Cup holders, as one of the favorites to win the tournament. Additionally, their first matchup with Mexico was seen as one that’d be difficult, but certainly manageable. The prevailing train of thought coming into the match was that Mexico would put up a valiant effort but would eventually falter, giving way to a German victory. However, that German victory never came.

It was 33 years ago that the senior Mexican National Team beat Germany, making this victory all the more significant. However, it also underscores the now-obvious fact that Germany is in fairly serious trouble and now faces two must-win matches against South Korea and Sweden, two seemingly inferior opponents, but since Die Mannschaft couldn’t capitalize on their assumed superiority against Mexico, we can’t deem them automatic favorites of any matches going forward.

However, the victory means everything to a nation famous for its rabid soccer fandom. Reports out of Mexico City indicated that an artificial earthquake was detected near the Plaza Zócalo, likely from “people jumping.” This is well known as a “fanquake,” usually produced when a massive number of sports fans jump up and down in response to something, almost always a positive moment.

The best part about this victory, however, is that the other two matches against South Korea and Sweden promise to be much easier than containing Germany, so Mexico, barring any surprises, should be comfortable assuming that they will finish atop their group.

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