Manchester United NEED a new left back

DISCLAIMER: This is a rant.

I read an article yesterday about Jose Mourinho’s summer transfer window business and was interested in what it said. It talked about the various needs that United must address this offseason and did it well. But then it said “Jose Mourinho is considering adding to the left back position.”

Considering? Really? It’s about time to stop “considering” whether or not to acquire a good left back for a team that consistently plays with a back-4. It’s mind-boggling to me that it wouldn’t be considered a priority to address the one position that has not had a consistent starter since Patrice Evra left 5 years ago. In that time, United has had 8 or 9 different players play at the left back position, as the manager in charge has constantly had to scramble to figure out who’ll play there on a given day.

To even think that Mourinho isn’t looking at a long-term player to be at the left back helm is absurd. Jose Mourinho is obviously smart enough to know that he needs to improve that position and to think that he isn’t is blasphemous.

Now, United have looked into acquiring Jordi Alba, one of the world’s best left backs, from Barcelona, but both sides have acknowledged that a deal “will be difficult”. Sure it will, but if Mourinho wants it bad enough, which he does, he’ll figure out a way to get it done.

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