Mack is Money

Why is it that people sometimes need to go somewhere else in order to be fully appreciated? That’s the case with Khalil Mack, who after holding out for virtually all of Oakland Raiders’ training camp with no resolution in sight, was traded to the Chicago Bears earlier today. Immediately after the trade was formalized, the Bears jumped at the opportunity to offer him a huge extension, 6 years and $141 million (with $90 million guaranteed), to be exact. It’s extremely confounding that a team, particularly one with as rich a history as the Oakland Raiders, would be happy with trading away its best player and arguably the best defensive player in the entire NFL. The answer might actually lie not with Mack and his unwillingness to take less, but with the new head coach who seems to want nothing more than to push his agenda.

Even though Khalil Mack could change the game simply with his presence, he wasn’t welcome any longer in Oakland because of what can only be described as a personal mission by new head coach Jon Gruden to make sure everyone falls in line. Mack wasn’t doing that with his insistence on being paid handsomely and Gruden decided to jettison his best player for a pair of 1st-round draft picks that likely will never pan out to be as great combined as Mack is alone. Without a doubt, this is a losing situation for the Raiders and it’s a decision they will come to regret in the coming years.

Meanwhile, Chicago and the Bears organization must be jumping for joy at the prospect of having the league’s best defensive player on their team. After all, the Bears haven’t had the league’s best defensive player on the team, with the exception of Brian Urlacher, since the fabled ’85 Bears defensive unit led by Mike Singletary, which struck fear into the hearts of every opponent they faced. Without a doubt, Mack will continue doing what he does best despite the change in scenery (the cold won’t bother him since he attending college in Buffalo). The best part is that Mack’s arrival will help rejuvenate the great Packers-Bears rivalry, a certified boon for the NFL.

Obviously, Gruden’s tenure as head coach of the Raiders has gotten off to a dubious start. Now, it’s imperative that he stop trying to push whatever agenda he has in order to prevent the team from going belly up.

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