Lionel Messi Has Been Committing Highway Robbery

Loyalty is an interesting concept. It’s seen as the ultimate form of love, whether in a professional or romantic setting. Being loyal means that you would do anything for the one you love and would make the necessary sacrifices for the better good. Lionel Messi has always said that he loves FC Barcelona, and why wouldn’t he? The club has taken care of him since he was 12 years old and he’s repaid them with mounds of success in the past. But in recent years, that success has been fleeting, but Messi has not been sacrificing for the club he’s supposedly loyal to.

The Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, released a story yesterday after getting a hold of a copy of Lionel Messi’s current contract at FC Barcelona that he signed in 2017. By the time the contract ends in the summer, he will have made a whopping €555 million Euros ($673 million USD)! This is a €138 million/year contract during which he’s only won La Liga twice. Meanwhile, the club has been sinking further and further into debt, with El Mundo revealing is an astounding €1.2 billion Euros! Sounds like someone who’s more concerned about himself than the club he “loves”. Also, the contract came with a €71 million loyalty bonus, which is laughable considering that Messi tried, in vain, to force his way out of the club over the summer.

I hope this can help open some people’s eyes to the reality that Lionel Messi isn’t the messiah that Barça fans purport him to be. Understand this: he has essentially plunged the club into an inescapable amount of debt, to the point where they might have to declare bankruptcy to survive. Is it smart on his part to get as much money as possible to ensure his family’s future? Absolutely! But will it ingratiate him with the Barça faithful? Probably not, seeing as their club might be in bankruptcy court soon.

The most offensive part of all of this is that Lionel Messi will likely move on this summer from the club, leaving them to pick up the pieces. It’s pretty hard to watch, honestly, even if I’m a Real Madrid fan. To know that a club’s talisman fleeced them so badly is pretty disappointing, especially when it’s someone as iconic as Lionel Messi.

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