Learn to Admit Fault

The last few years in news and popular culture have been largely defined by the Me Too movement. It’s thrust women’s rights and the neglect of a large part of the male population to treat women the right way. Basically, the Me Too movement has exposed men who have mistreated women and has made men who make disparaging comments about women relative pariahs. However, even several years after the beginning of the movement, there are still men who haven’t gotten the message and continue to throw abusive language in women’s faces.

Case in point, the Houston Astros’ assistant GM, Brandon Taubman, was celebrating his team’s pennant win and screamed at a group of female reporters, per Sports Illustrated, “I’m so f***ing glad we got Osuna,” referring to closer Roberto Osuna. For some background, the Astros controversially signed Osuna after he served a 75-game suspension for domestic violence. So, Taubman’s actions were interpreted as aggressive and seemed to be gloating about how a domestic abuser had played a crucial role in the team’s win and was yelling at a group of female reporters about it, one of whom was wearing a purple domestic violence wristband.

So, this is bad, right? Well, in their infinite wisdom, the Astros released a statement essentially saying that the female reporters and Sports Illustrated all lied about what happened. This, my friends, is the definition of a really bad look. Almost instantly, every sports outlet imaginable was coming out against the Astros, saying that they were defending a domestic abuser and an aggressive employee.

A worse part for the Astros is that many casual fans have started rooting for their World Series opponent, the Washington Nationals. However, the worst of all may be that the MLB will hand down sanctions to the team, as they’ve announced an investigation into the matter. This could get really bad, and it’s all because the Astros apparently don’t think that admitting to their mistakes in a good thing.

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