Jordan Spieth Has The Clutch Gene

Jordan Spieth

I don’t normally write about golf unless there’s something incredibly noteworthy to write about. Thankfully, I get a chance to do just that because of what Jordan Spieth did at the Traveler’s Championship this past weekend. On the playoff hole to win the tournament, Spieth took his third shot from a bunker on the side of the green. He holed the shot, winning the tournament in walk-off fashion.

The cheer that arose from the crowd was golf’s equivalent of a wrestling “pop” and it equaled the spirit of any walk-off hit or buzzer-beater. But what’s more important is that, if it wasn’t already known, Jordan Spieth is golf’s newest superstar.

There’s one more thing though. In addition to being the sport’s newest superstar, Jordan Spieth also possesses something only the best athletes have: the clutch gene. The clutch gene is undeniable: you either have it or you don’t. It cannot be manufactured. And to be clear, there is a difference between the clutch gene and sheer luck. Luck will always strike at random times for random athletes. But Spieth has shown more than a few times in his young career that he can show up in big moments, giving him the edge against his competition on many occasions.

With the Traveler’s Championship trophy in his trophy case, Spieth has won 10 championships before the age of 25. To clarify, Tiger Woods won 15 titles by the time he turned 25. But Spieth has time. As of today, he has exactly 13 months to win as many championships as he can to close that gap with Tiger. That’s right. The man who’s arguably the world’s best golfer won’t even turn 24 for another month.

So Spieth has time on his side, as well as skill. And when all else fails, he will always be able to depend on the clutch gene.

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