Joe Burrow will be a special NFL Quarterback

Player scouting in general is an extremely hard game to play. Being able to consistently determine whose skills will translate from lower tiered competition (i.e. minor leagues or college) is quite hard. However, there are some crucial factors that’ll give away whether a player can be successful on the professional level. That said, I firmly believe LSU’s quarterback Joe Burrow will take the NFL by storm next year and be a success. Here’s why.

It’s not because Burrow won the Heisman Trophy. Sure, many Heisman winners have gone on to have successful NFL careers (e.g. Bo Jackson, Charles Woodson, Mark Ingram). However, there are an equal amount who have failed to live up to the hype (e.g. Tim Tebow, Vince Young, Reggie Bush). The simple fact that he won an award, while nice, means nothing in the NFL. In order to tell whether he’ll be successful or not, you need to look at the fine details of the way he plays. How does he lead? Is he effective at directing his team? Can he perform in clutch situations?

Throughout the college football season, Burrow has shown time and again that he does, in fact, possess all of these qualities. He’s led his team to a perfect record (with one game left), he understands how to manage the game, as well as his teammates, and he’s a born leader. Also, being responsible for eight total touchdowns during the College Football National Championship Semifinal against Oklahoma is a dead giveaway to how powerful and talented this young man can be.

Many analysts in the sports world are comparing Burrow to Hall of Famer Steve Young. I think that’s a great comparison, especially given that Burrow is able to take over any game at will, just like Young could. I fully expect Joe Burrow to be drafted #1 overall in April and immediately take the NFL by storm.

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