Jabrill Peppers’ Diluted Sample should not affect ANYTHING

With the NFL Draft fast approaching, experts are chomping at the bit for any rumors and/or news pertaining to teams’ draft strategies. However, a wrench was thrown into the mix with the news that Jabrill Peppers technically failed his draft combine drug test because he provided a diluted sample. However, I would not be worried about this. Even though it carries with it a penalty that he already gets a warning from the league about their drug policy, Peppers’ history reveals that this wouldn’t be a problem.

According to his agent, Peppers was ill before arriving to the combine and had to consume 10 bottles of water to fix the dehydration problem he was having. That combined with having to go on the first day of the combine means that he didn’t have enough time to let his body return to its natural state. Thus, his diluted sample doesn’t indicate the possibility of drugs, but rather consuming too much water too quickly too close to when he was due to participate.

That said, he current predicament should have no impact on his draft status. He is simply too good for teams to pass on him. And his complete lack of any drug trouble or character issues means that whichever team drafts him will have zero problems with him.

So, for all the front offices who are taking the news as a sign to not draft Peppers, they are signing their teams up to be haunted by the team who does take Peppers.

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