It’s Time for Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to become a Toronto Blue Jay

There are a plethora of recognizable names that come to mind when the phrase “MLB Legend” is mentioned. One of these happens to be the name Vladimir Guerrero, the legendary Montreal Expos outfielder whose power and hitting ability was virtually unmatched. He retired a number of years ago, but now his son is taking up the mantle and he is appropriately named Vladimir Guerrero Jr. However, judging only from the small sample size that we’ve seen from him in the minor leagues, he could actually be better than his father, a frightening idea indeed. And this is why the Toronto Blue Jays should promote him to the majors.

Right now, Guerrero Jr. plays for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats, the Double-AA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. So far this year, Guerrero Jr. is batting a ridiculous .407 through the first 37 games. Just based off that, we know that Guerrero Jr. is too good for minor league baseball, so why are the Blue Jays so hesitant to call him up?

Probably the chief reason is so the Blue Jays can have an extra year of control over him. In the MLB, there’s something called “service time requirements,” which states that a player must be with a team for a certain amount of time before applying for arbitration. However, there are ways of circumventing this. Usually, teams will wait until a certain day (usually after July 31st in-season) in order to add an extra year onto the service time. But is it really worth waiting for a game-changing talent on this level?

The answer should be no. Guerrero Jr. represents a significant upgrade over current Blue Jays DH Kendrys Morales. For comparison’s sake, Guerrero Jr. is a 19-year-old power hitter and Morales is a 34-year-old who’s well past his prime. Also, Blue Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson really shouldn’t be much of an obstacle for Guerrero Jr. Sure he’s good, but he too has passed his prime.

The point of this is that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. should be called up to the major leagues ASAP. Just the sound that he produces when he hits homeruns should be enough to back this up (the sound of him hitting a homerun is akin to a gunshot). Simply put, he’s ready and the Blue Jays are only punishing themselves every day that they let pass by without calling him up.

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