Is there going to be a new digestible way to watch basketball?

Earlier this month at CES (Consumer Electronics Show), NBA commissioner Adam Silver spoke during the Sports Business Innovation panel about how far the league has come in changing their business model to help monetize the league as effectively as possible.

NBA League Pass was introduced a few years ago to help solve complaints of fans not being able to see the games they wanted because they lived too far away from their favorite teams. The solution was a package where you could pay $199.99 for a whole season to have access to watching any game across the country no matter where you lived. It’s a great idea that’s really taken off, but obviously, people won’t want to be watching every game all across the country. So the league made it possible to make purchases on a per-game basis at $6.99.

However, Silver told CES what the league seems to have realized, which is that people really only want to watch when the games get good. So Silver proposed a new idea where people could pay to watch the last 5 minutes of the game. Now, this sounds like a terrific idea: charge people a reasonable amount to watch crunch time in any game across the league. It seems genius and also is the next logical addition to the viewing purchase system that the league has put together.

All in all, it seems like the NBA will continue to be financially successful and giving fans the ability to watch the best parts of live basketball in digestible amounts will only help to strengthen the league financially.

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