Is he coming or not?

People’s perception of news today is pretty strange. Ever since the beginning of the presidency of Donald Trump, the term “fake news” has been thrown around a lot. And apparently, it isn’t exclusive to the sociopolitical and financial spheres. In fact, the idea of “fake news,” formerly known as conflicting reports, was something started in sports. In years past, however, conflicting reports came few and far between, more often than not having to do with injury status. But today, the Luka Jović to Real Madrid saga has taken fake news in the sports world to new heights.

Luka Jović has plied his trade with Germany’s Eintracht Frankfurt for the past two seasons, arriving on loan from Portuguese side Benfica and then being bought outright by Eintracht after a phenomenal second season. This second season has launched Jović into the global spotlight, attracting attention from the who’s who of elite European clubs. Chief among those suitors is Spain’s Real Madrid, who were reported to have wrapped up the signing weeks ago.

The catch then was that this wasn’t true and the news outlet responsible for the news jumped the gun, which was confirmed after Eintracht Frankfurt’s club president released a statement denying the sale. Since then, rumors have swirled about whether the two clubs will be able to get it over the line.

Today, English news giant Sky announced that the two sides had agreed a €60 million deal to bring Jović to Spain. Sky added an additional source, none other than AS, a Spanish sports outlet. Even German sports outlet Bild announced the news, virtually confirming it. However, ESPNFC reported that a source had informed them that nothing was official as of yet. So this all begs the question: Who is telling the truth? Despite being in the age of the Internet and instant news, it seems like we may not get a solid answer to this until Real Madrid presents Jović at the Santiago Bernabeú.

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