How is Aristides Aquino so good so soon?

The titans of sport are easily identifiable. They’ve dominated the game for a long time after years of slogging through the minor leagues. However, there are always a select few who circumvent that and are able to enjoy success immediately. People like Mike Trout and Ronald Acuña Jr., bona-fide stars who have dominated the headlines ever since their major league debuts. It’s time to add another name to the list: Aristides Aquino.

Aquino has only been playing for the Cincinnati Reds since the beginning of August, yet he’s already announced his arrival with many homeruns and great technique, as well as announcing that he is here to stay. The fact of the matter is that, while we have seen rookies quickly take off into success, it’s exceedingly rare that they stay there. This is what makes Aquino’s success so awe-inspiring.

August isn’t over yet (it ends tomorrow) but Aquino has already amassed 14 homeruns in the month, an NL rookie record (the major league rookie record is 18). He’s played in 27 games, which means that he averages a homer every 1.92 games! In addition, he’s batting a remarkable .330 over his first month in the majors! Realistically speaking, he probably won’t keep doing this for the rest of his career, but then again, even the best players (i.e., Mike Trout) don’t have rampant success every month. Still, a 14-homer, .330-batting average month would be the stuff of dreams for any MLB player, regardless of how good they are. These stats only serve to show us that Aristides Aquino is not only ready for the big time, but he’s ready to take over. Next season, he’ll be on the Opening Day roster and we’ll get to see his level of production over a full year. I can’t wait!

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