How Did the Yankees Get So Bad?

Growing up in New York City, there are a few things that are ingrained into your mind: don’t go to Times Square unless it’s necessary, expect traffic wherever you go, and the New York Yankees will always be successful. By virtue of being baseball’s most valuable team by a healthy margin of $1.7 billion+, you would expect such a thing to be the case. However, the 2021 New York Yankees are, without mincing words, awful.

Despite all their money, it seems that they just can’t get out of their own way. The manager, Aaron Boone, isn’t up to the job, a variety of high-profile players constantly make mistakes and underperform (Aroldis Chapman and Gleyber Torres, to name a couple), and ownership (Hank Steinbrenner) refuses to invest in the team without going over the luxury tax despite being in the best position to do so. This part is sad, because his father, the late, great George Steinbrenner, would have spent whatever money was necessary to continue the legacy of greatness.

Even the GM, Brian Cashman, who’s been in the position for nearly 25 years, is failing. To be honest, he’s been doing a lackluster job for quite some time. In the last 20 years, the Yankees under Brian Cashman’s so-called “player acquisition talents” have won just one World Series title. For a team that’s won 27 of those in total, good enough for 23% of all World Series ever played, that is simply unacceptable.

It’s obvious to me that the problem is circumspect: Ownership is unwilling to spend the money necessary to win despite having more money than you could dream of, management off the field keeps wasting the money, management on the field keeps making terrible decisions on who to play, and a variety of players are simply not performing while getting paid handsomely.

All in all, this team is embarrassing. They’re 4th right now in the AL East and it’s the beginning of July. Now, could things change? Absolutely! But I don’t see that happening without a lot of people being fired and traded away.

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