Hopefully It’ll Still Come Back

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, one of the most missed things in our collective lives has been live sports. In years past, when some awful tragedy or other calamity has occurred, live sports has served as a way for people to come together, forget about what’s happening and enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, all live sports were postponed following the start of the pandemic, so that isn’t an option. A few exceptions exist around the globe (the Belarussian Premier League is probably the best known), but all major sports leagues have ceased operation.

However, there have been discussions about bringing back live sports, given that the temperature is starting to get warmer and respiratory diseases historically do poorly in warm weather. One big sports league was even floating the idea of returning to play behind closed doors on May 9th, that league being Germany’s Bundesliga. Obviously, any sports fan, regardless of whether they like soccer or not, would watch after being deprived of live sports for so long.

Unfortunately, it seems like the May 9th target is out of the question. Germany’s government was supposed to discuss and decide on the issue in a meeting earlier this week. However, they tabled the issue until next week, where Bundesliga officials are confident that it will be approved. However, this means that May 16th would be the targeted return date.

This delay isn’t a bad thing, but it’s interesting to see how tenuous this situation is and how carefully a government led by a former chemist (Angela Merkel) is taking this decision. Of all countries, there are fewer whose cultural fabric is more intertwined with The Beautiful Game than Germany. But, they understand that jumping the gun here is not an option and that proceeding with caution is the most, and only logical step.

I hope the Bundesliga can return and hopefully signal the return of other leagues around the world. For now, though, we just have to wait a little longer.

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