He’s overstayed his welcome

Throughout your living days, no matter what you do, there will always be individuals who are essential to your life, or at least to certain aspects of it. These people hold both important and vital places in your life, mainly because they do certain things that make your life possible or easier. However, there are an equal amount, and likely larger amount, of people who add very little to your life. These people are simply there. And that’s it. They might make a meaningful contribution every once in a while, but certainly not enough to warrant being placed on a pedestal of importance.

Lucas Vazquez, right winger for Real Madrid, happens to be one of these people. He can be a good player, at times. He’ll make meaningful contributions and help the team. Problem is, he doesn’t make those contributions nearly as often as should be expected of a player on the world’s most successful club.

To clarify, Lucas Vazquez is by no means a bad player. After all, he’s managed to hold down a place in the Real Madrid squad for a number of years. The problem that I, and countless other Merengue fans have is that there are countless other players that are much better than him. He’s also a defensive liability, which could be glossed over if he was clinical on the offensive end, but he’s prone to making mistakes, some of which end up being critical.

This isn’t a new complaint from me or the fans. People have been wondering about Vazquez’s place in the Real Madrid squad for years and have been asking why he still has it for almost as long as he’s been in the senior squad.

The transfer window might close before anything can be done about this situation, but manager Zinedine Zidane should seriously put some thought into moving on from Vazquez once the January transfer window rolls around.

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