Hacking the Draft? The NFL’s taking steps to prevent that

This year’s NFL Draft is going to be unlike any other. Even though the league has received some criticism for not delaying the event, they’re still going ahead with the event. However, there have been a lot of concerns raised about the security of the event and what could happen if someone “hacked” the draft. That said, the NFL is one of, if not the richest league in the U.S. They will be using every available security method possible to ensure the draft goes smoothly.

For example, the possibility of hackers has inspired the league to encrypt the entire draft process. So, no one could write anything that could misconstrue what each team wants. However, that’s not good enough. As these are going to be a series of Zoom calls, there is concern that voice modulation could be used to falsify which draft choices the teams are making.

This will be much harder to protect against. Thankfully, it’s also extremely hard to do, and it’s relatively easy to thwart potential hackers from copying someone’s voice before they even begin the voice-copying process.

However, there’s another, more native issue: the employees. That’s right. Many of the GMs who will be in charge of making picks are not adept at using technology whatsoever. Surely, they’re being well-taught in how to use these programs effectively, but all it takes is one mistake to ruin the draft.

Hopefully, nothing bad happens. If it does, it could be laughed about for many years to come.

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