Greatest Lakers Team Of All Time???

I was talking with my mom yesterday in the car and I brought up how some analysts are already saying that this Lakers team could be the best ever even though they have yet to play an official game together.  Upon hearing this, my mom said, “That’s the same thing they said about the Knicks and look at them.”  I think my mom brought up a good point, so I proceeded to clarify it to her.

I told her that the main difference between the Knicks and the Lakers is each team’s superstar situation.  With the Knicks, they have two scorers in Carmelo and Amar’e and Tyson who’s a good defender but doesn’t score too much.  What they lack is a good point guard who can distribute the ball. Meanwhile, the Lakers have a passer (Steve Nash), ONE scorer (Kobe), and a great defensive center (Dwight Howard) who is very good at scoring but doesn’t actively look for a shot.

Now, I can’t really weigh in on the whole “Best Lakers team ever” debate because I’m only 18 years old, but I can say that this Lakers team is pretty damn good, but I think it’s WAY too early to give them the label of Greatest Lakers Team Ever.

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