Go Get Luis Castillo

The New York Yankees have been the MLB’s best team so far this season, but they’re beginning to show their weak spots, particularly the starting rotation. It’s been great up to now, but it’s painfully obvious as the Yankees have struggled out of the All-Star Break that some reinforcements are needed. Now, the entire league is talking about Juan Soto and where he’ll be traded to, but I know that another powerful outfielder isn’t the most important thing the Yankees need now. That’s why I’m more focused on GM Brian Cashman acquiring Cincinnati Reds SP Luis Castillo instead.

Castillo, for years, has been the gem of a Reds squad that seems to have been rebuilding for the last five years or so. I could speak about the fact that he has a 2.77 ERA at the end of July for one of the league’s worst squads, but I think it’s much easier to understand by just watching him pitch. At 6’2” and 200 pounds, Luis Castillo cuts an imposing figure on the mound, and his pitching control combined with a 100mph+ fastball makes for a devastating combo.

If the Yankees are going to be successful in October, they must address the issue of struggling mightily against the Houston Astros, which was a case not only of their pitching staff being good, but the Yankees’ staff not performing well enough (they only led twice in seven games, and both leads came on walk-off hits by Aaron Judge). With that in mind, getting a certified ace pitcher like Castillo at the trade deadline will help tip the scale in the Yankees’ favor.

So, yes. Going and acquiring Juan Soto will be the flashiest and most talked about move of the trade deadline, but I think acquiring Luis Castillo is the most important move to be made. I hope it’s Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees who make it.

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