Farewell Coach Coughlin

Tom Coughlin resigned today as head coach. This move doesn’t come as a surprise but is still very sad news for many fans.

The two-time Super Bowl-winning head coach patrolled the sideline at MetLife Stadium while fans and players alike tried to figure out the thoughts behind the stoic demeanor. It’s important to understand why he made this decision.

At 69, he most likely resigned because it gave him an opportunity for a dignified exit. Many are saying the reason for Coughlin getting “forced out” might not be entirely his fault. Among others, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen made a point earlier saying that the Giants personnel department should shoulder the most blame for the team’s losses.

At his farewell press conference, Coughlin expressed his appreciation for all of the time he’d spent with the Giants. Most couldn’t help notice that, upon leaving, Coughlin walked right by Giants CEO John Mara without a word. Was this an act of giving the “cold shoulder” or Coughlin’s characteristic beeline for the exit? Basically, it’s not like him to express any disrespect.

Next for the now ex-coach? He’s left the door open to return to the NFL, and we’ll have to watch to see if Coughlin decides to patrol another team’s sideline.

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