England Won’t Win Against Denmark. They Can’t Be Allowed To.

Watching any sport as a neutral fan is always an interesting experience. You have no prior allegiances, so it’s easy to watch with an unbiased mind and just enjoy the show. But understanding the significance of a game and what it would mean for one side or the other to win can upset that balance. That’s why Denmark needs to win. Fortunately, they definitely have more than enough skill to achieve that.

One of the issues soccer fans have with the English national team and their fans is their arrogance. In their minds, they are the best and deserve every title, despite not lifting a single international trophy since the 1966 World Cup, which they still talk about. Granted, England was the birthplace of this glorious sport, but it shouldn’t mean that England deserves all of the praise. Yes, they’ve had a wonderful EUROs, but they’ve had a relatively easy path so far.

However, the worst part about the English national team isn’t the team, but rather, the team’s fans. Normally, I wouldn’t accuse fans of being terrible, but English fans have demonstrated it time after time. In fact, they boo the national anthems of their opponents, which is incredibly vile and low-class. Also, they criticize any non-English teams, but then turn around and criticize their own players to the point of harassment. Remember all the times when Raheem Sterling was criticized for buying his mother a house simply because he missed a few shots while playing for his country (I’m sure racism had a part to play in that as well). So, the fans are arrogant, the team thinks they’re God’s gift to soccer and no one else likes them. Is there something Denmark can do about that?

In short, yes. Yes, they can. The Danish national team is not just some feel-good Cinderella tale that’s risen from the ashes inspired by the cardiac arrest of Christian Eriksen, their talisman. Denmark is the 10th best national team in the world, according to FIFA, and they’ve been convincing beyond a doubt all the way up until now. Between Kasper Dolberg, their star striker, Mikkel Damsgaard, Eriksen’s protégé, replacement and one of the team’s future leaders, and Andreas Christensen, who will likely anchor the Danish defense for the next 10-15 years, along with standout performers like Yusuf Poulsen, Kasper Schmeichel and Joakim Maehle, Denmark stands more than a healthy chance against England. In fact, I’d say that today’s semifinal has no betting favorite to win.

That said, Denmark have also been playing at an inspired level since what happened to Christian Eriksen, and I believe that it will continue to carry them to the final.

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