Diversifying the Sports Content of the Future

Over the last decade, more and more athletes have been dipping their toes into the entertainment industry, specifically the motion picture part. So, it’s no surprise to see Tom Brady’s production company, Religion of Sports, in the news. However, it is a surprise to see that Shamrock Capital, an LA-based venture capital firm, has raised a whopping $50 million in the Series B funding round.

Gotham Chopra, one of Tom Brady’s partners in the venture along with NFL Hall of Famer Michael Strahan, detailed what the money would be used for, the raise helping to “grow the company from the production company model, which is what we have operated in for a long time, to really control our own destiny. To really bet on ourselves, bet on talent we believe in, bet on stories we believe in.” Religion of Sports has previously produced content like Kobe Bryant’s Muse and Man in the Arena, a multi-part documentary series that profiles Tom Brady that is still on ESPN+. 

It seems that, while sports may be the company’s bread and butter, RoS is beginning to set its sights beyond the sports world, an encouraging sign to onlookers who are eager to see exactly how far the reach of a legendary athlete like Tom Brady can go. Additionally, the fact that the company is paying attention to diversifying their content will really let the world see whether Religion of Sports is just a flash in the pan or a serious production studio on the rise.

As we continue pushing on further into the 2020s, the demand for high-quality on-demand video is growing, and Religion of Sports is seeking to help fill that gap. While there’s no apparent reason why RoS might fail, important financial and investment milestones are on the company’s horizon that must be reached in order to see whether Tom Brady and Michael Strahan can have staying power even if they’re not producing content about sports.

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