Dave Gettleman is going to save the New York Giants

The New York Giants have thankfully been given a much-needed lifeline in the form of a great new general manager. Let’s be honest: the 2017 NFL season was a total disaster for the New York Giants. The only way it could have been worse is if they didn’t win the two games they barely did this year. They needed something drastic to happen in terms of turning the team around. And drastic they have done with the hiring of Dave Gettleman.

Gettleman was actually once a member of the Giants organization, acting as the pro personnel director between 1999 and 2011, before moving on to be the general manager for the Carolina Panthers. His expertise, in the words of the New York Post, turned “a team that was $16 million over the salary cap and built a Super Bowl team” during his four-year tenure in Carolina. In fact, the Giants won two Super Bowls while Gettleman was there and haven’t been back to the playoffs since he left. Seems like him coming back will work wonders.

What’s better is that he’s a great decision-maker. He’ll be hiring a head coach and will do so with his great powers of evaluation, which have been touted by numerous people within the NFL through the years. He’ll also be able to make tough decisions and make sure to figure out which players need to go.

Gettleman will help make the Giants an NFL powerhouse once again. It may take a couple of seasons but Gettleman’s the man to get it done.

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