Damian Lillard Should be Starting the NBA All-Star Game

Blazers point guard Damian Lillard is a phenomenal player and deserves the highest accolades in recognition of his dominance. Unfortunately, that’s not happening – Again! The starters for the NBA All-Star Game were recently announced, but with the announcement came a blatant exception, one that’s getting a lot of attention and criticism. Lillard will not be starting the game, which garnered a lot of confusion, seeing as he’s taken over the league so far this season. Despite averaging nearly 30 PPG and almost 8 assists/game, Lillard will cede starting duties to Stephen Curry. Lillard has outperformed even his own lofty expectations this year with dominating play, and a number of game-winning shots to go with it. Simply put, his influence and superiority cannot be ignored.

The issue is that All-Star Game voting, especially in recent years, has become a popularity contest. Even though Lillard has outperformed Curry in the clutch moments that count and should separate him in terms of achievement, Curry’s worldwide appeal ensures that he gains much more of the fan vote. The NBA’s rule of the fan vote counting for 50% gives too much of an opening to undeserving players getting recognition while a stunning performer like Damian Lillard misses out.

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