Cowboys O-Line for NFL MVP

There are a few well-known facts about the game of football, like you get four downs, only 11 men are allowed on the field at a time during play, and a running back cannot be successful without an effective offensive line. All of these are indisputable, but while the first two are rules (so they can’t be disputed), you’d have to be crazy to argue that a running back doesn’t need a good offensive line to be successful. That said, the Dallas Cowboys have shown this to be true, rattling off 10 consecutive wins following a Week 1 loss to the Giants.

In all these games, they’ve shown one thing to be true: Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are able to be so overwhelmingly effective because of their monstrous offensive line. In fact, the offensive line has been so good that some people have begun proposing the idea of having the entire Cowboys offensive line receive this year’s NFL MVP.

Obviously, nothing like that has ever happened before, but the arguments that have been made in favor of the Cowboys offensive line receiving the MVP award are pretty convincing. The group of Doug Free, Travis Frederick, Tyron Smith, Zack Martin, and Ronald Leary have been so dominant that two rookies are also being considered for MVP. But their cases rest heavily on the fact that, in Elliott’s case, he’s been able to rack up over 1,200 rushing yards through Thursday because he’s had enormous holes to run through. In Prescott’s case, his effectiveness is a result of the fact that he’s been afforded the time to sit in the pocket and pick out passes because the offensive line protects him so well.

Simply put, the Cowboys offensive line deserves the NFL MVP because, through their efforts, two of the other favorites for the award have been able to succeed.

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