Competitive Parity Will Remain in La Liga

Perhaps the biggest soccer-related storyline that had nothing to do with the 2018 World Cup was Antoine Griezmann deciding whether he would stay at Atlético de Madrid or join FC Barcelona. Fortunately for Atlético fans and fans of a league that isn’t simply a two-team race every season, Griezmann decided to remain to play his home games at the Wanda Metropolitano, home of Atlético de Madrid.

Seeing as Griezmann is arguably the face of French Football, certainly the star of Atlético, and one of the world’s best players, it’s great to see that he’s not taking the easy way out and joining a stronger team like Barcelona. However, it was interesting to see Griezmann announce his decision in a TV special very similar to Lebron James’ now-infamous “The Decision” when he announced his departure to the Miami Heat in the summer of 2010.

Fortunately for Griezmann, he won’t have to deal with any backlash beyond the occasional Barcelona superfan who was desperately hoping to make their über-strong team even stronger. Also, it was very intelligent on Griezmann’s part to make the announcement before starting his first game for France in the World Cup so as not to distract from French success with gossip about what his decision would be.

But after Atlético de Madrid, the biggest winner here should be Real Madrid, who won’t have to deal with a Barcelona squad that would now include the best French player in the world in addition to everything else they have. Basically, the fact that nothing has drastically changed in La Liga means that this coming season will be highly-anticipated and best of all, fairly even-keeled.

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