College Softball’s Got A New Future

In America, college sports are arguably just as intense as their professional counterparts. The rivalries are certainly more heated, expect for Yankees-Red Sox (nothing in America tops that). But there’s always been a big women’s college sport that’s never got the professional league that its male counterpart did, and that’s softball. Well, that was the case, but not anymore.

Athletes Unlimited has created a professional softball league that began a couple months ago. With an abbreviated season, which is already airing on ESPN3 and has significant financial backing and sponsorship, we could be witnessing the successful birth of a new women’s sports league. I, for one, think this is great to see. First, women’s soccer in the USA has gone through many trials and tribulations before the NWSL gained a substantial foothold. Now, it seems like softball will get a chance to do the same.

What’s also interesting is how they’ve managed to start the league in 2020, a certainly unforgettable year with amazing new ways to communicate. For instance, the league has a marketing campaign to spread the word about the league that’s solely on TikTok. There’s no other league in the world that can say that! Also, they’re banking on the fact that a short season will help garner interest, since one of the main complaints about the MLB’s season is that 162 games is too long.

However, Athletes Unlimited isn’t stopping there, as they’re creating a women’s volleyball league, the first of its kind in the States, regardless of gender. Some people might roll their eyes at me saying that volleyball is entertaining but go watch Olympic Volleyball and try to tell me it isn’t entertaining!

I think Athletes Unlimited is really onto something here, especially since the discussion and proliferation of women’s sports is reaching a nexus point. It’s high time that women have a plethora of sports leagues that represent them, and Athletes Unlimited is making that vision a reality.

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