Cody Bellinger is the Truth

Let’s face it. Baseball’s been going through some tough times in the media. People are constantly complaining about how the games are getting longer and that the game’s too slow to really capture their attention. However, what helps with this are the players who show up and make a name for themselves. It also helps a lot with this kind of popularity when the player in question is a rookie.

Enter Cody Bellinger. He currently plays outfield for the Los Angeles Dodgers and simply put, he’s lighting it up on the stat sheet. People are in love with this kid because he’s just debuted (he won’t play in his 100th game until sometime in August) and already he’s playing like a veteran who knows what he’s doing. Also, he’s producing at a high rate and fans LOVE that.

As of Sunday, June 25th, Cody Bellinger has had 6 multi-homerun games this season, one short of the all-time rookie record set by Mark McGwire. He’s also hitting for a decent average and plays good defense. Honestly, the only thing people could fault him for is that he doesn’t know who Jerry Seinfeld is because he’s so young.

We can’t jump to conclusions and say that Bellinger is going to be one of the all-time greats or something like that, but it seems that his newfound stardom will stick around for years to come.

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