Es la hora de separar los caminos de Eli Manning y los New York Giants?

Quarterbacks típicamente reciben tratamiento preferencial, pero al final llega el momento cuando ese privilegio caduca. Esto es el caso de Eli Manning, un hombre que sin duda está en la lista de los mejores quarterbacks de la historia de los New York Giants. Él nunca ha sido un modelo de consistencia, pero sí ha ganado […]

Should the Giants move on from Eli Manning?

Franchise quarterbacks are typically given preferential treatment, but there comes a time where that “free pass” has to expire. Such is the case with Eli Manning, a man who’s certainly on the list of greatest quarterbacks in New York Giants history. He’s never been the model of consistency, but at least he’s been able to […]

Why Jon Gruden won’t survive until Year 3 of his 10-year contract

There are a few sports franchises that can be categorized as a comedy of errors. One of them is certainly the Oakland Raiders, and they did themselves no favors by hiring Jon Gruden to a 10-year contract, as well as the ensuing debacle that he alone caused. Trading the NFL’s best defensive player in Khalil […]

Why Jimmy Butler won’t be out of Minnesota before the beginning of the NBA season

The NBA offseason is always rife with engaging storylines, but it’s disappointing when many of the best predictions don’t come to pass. However, what’s worse is when they nearly come to fruition, but then fizzle out because of someone’s ineptitude. Such is the case with Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Despite the fact that […]