Can they not enjoy their DAY OFF?

For the past couple of days, many sports fans and various sports pundits have been losing their minds because Odell Beckham Jr. and a few other Giants wide receivers spent Monday in Miami. People are saying that it’s irresponsible of them to be going down to Florida and partying with Justin Bieber in a club when they’re playing the Green Bay Packers this weekend in a Wild Card game.

Now while most people are freaking out about this, I’m just wondering why this is even a big deal. Monday is traditionally the day off for players playing on Sunday. By all accounts, they were responsible in Miami and got back to New York in time for practice on Tuesday. They didn’t break any team rules and didn’t do anything that would be seen by someone else on their off day as “reckless.” So why is this such a big deal? Obviously, it’s because of their public position as NFL players.

On one hand, it’s perfectly understandable to be putting these guys under this kind of scrutiny, seeing as they already are under that as football players. On the other hand, it feels like they should at least get some leeway on their day off. As long as they’re being responsible and not breaking team rules, as Steve Smith Sr. said on Undisputed, “What I do on my day off is none of your business.”

Obviously, if the Giants lose to the Packers on Sunday, critics will point to this trip as a reason, citing it as an unneeded distraction that cost the team the game. But this shouldn’t even be news, and as a result it will increase the notoriety of Odell Beckham Jr., which is the last thing he needs at this point.

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