…But Aaron Judge Is The Presiding “Dominant One”

Cody Bellinger might be the best thing to happen to Dodgers baseball since the debut of Yasiel Puig, but having a new superstar on the New York Yankees, specifically one they didn’t buy, is even more special. Since the beginning of April, there has been one name that has been on the mind of every baseball and sports fan and that is the name of the Yankees’ right fielder.

He currently leads the American League in homeruns and RBI and is in the running for the league lead in batting average. The reason for his dominance is probably due to the fact of his size. Judge measures 6’7” and weighs 282 pounds. Basically, he’s the size of LeBron James plus 20 pounds and plays baseball.

Given that he’s so big, the power factor isn’t much of a surprise, but the .329 batting average really is. Usually, bigger players don’t have such great batting averages unless they’re really special (think David Ortiz). So the fact that the Yankees have groomed this giant man into the MLB’s most dominant player points to the ability of the Yankees’ minor league system.

The conclusion here is simple: After a few down years, the Yankees are back.

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