Brooklyn Doesn’t Need Kyrie Anymore

Yesterday marked James Harden’s first game with his new team, the Brooklyn Nets. To say it went well would be a gross understatement. Harden recorded a triple-double in his debut, becoming the first player in NBA history to record a 30-point triple-double in his debut. The chemistry he had with the other Nets star on the court, Kevin Durant, was unmistakable. In fact, Harden’s chemistry wasn’t just with Durant, but with the rest of the team. Simply put, he was a ball distributor extraordinaire.

But isn’t ball distribution Kyrie Irving’s job? Well, it is, but Irving hasn’t been in touch with his employers for almost two full weeks. He’s been AWOL, and it’s rubbed onlookers and teammates the wrong way. To have one of your star players refuse to show up for work is inexcusable. But Irving said that he wanted to return last night and play, following a mandatory five-day quarantine handed down by the league office. Come gametime, though, he wasn’t there. Why wasn’t he there?

It’s beyond upsetting that Kyrie Irving can’t even back up his own word. Let’s face it though: Kyrie Irving is not exactly the NBA’s most normal player. He’s a flat earther who has a massive ego and sages the court when he plays away from home, among other strange habits. Before, I would say, “put up with it, because he’s an unstoppable player.”

But now? Now, I don’t think he needs to be there. His role is being played perfectly by Harden. Another thing that happened when Harden arrived is that it decimated Brooklyn’s depth, a major part of the team’s success. I think the best option is to trade Kyrie away in order to acquire depth. The argument against this is obviously that it would leave the team with only two stars. But honestly, I think adding an adequate sixth man and a good center would totally be worth losing a star player. And considering that the star isn’t even playing, it might do more good than harm.

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