Big Papi for MVP

David Ortiz, also known as “Big Papi,” is retiring at the end of this MLB season, but his stats suggest that his game is far from being in decline. In fact, his numbers are so good that he’s in the AL MVP conversation. However, other people think the Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Trout or Ortiz’s Boston Red Sox teammate Mookie Betts should win instead. That said, here’s why Big Papi deserves to beat those two out for the prize.

For one, Ortiz’s stats are simply incredible. Not just for someone who’s in their farewell season, I mean just in general. With three games left in the season, he’s batting .315 with 37 HR, 124 RBI with and leads both the American and National Leagues in doubles (48), slugging percentage (.620), and OPS (1.022). In those last two categories, he leads both by considerable margins, which points to just how incredible his farewell season has been.

That said, something to think about when awarding the MVP is to understand what the player means to the team. Remember, MVP stands for Most Valuable Player, and that includes all the intangibles: How does this guy influence his teammates? Is he a positive presence in the clubhouse? Is he a team leader? All of these things describe Big Papi in a nutshell.

There’s been a few years in David Ortiz’s career where he’s finished 2nd, 3rd or 4th in the AL MVP voting, but his final year might be the year where he finally wins the award, garnering perhaps one of the greatest send-offs any baseball player has ever gotten.

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