Betting on the World Series Champion

The 2021 MLB Regular Season starts on Friday, so there’s no better time than right now to place a Futures bet on who will be this year’s World Series Champion. Every year, the New York Yankees are placed very close to the top of the list as having the best preseason odds to win the Commissioner’s Trophy, but they haven’t won in over a decade. That said, I’m going to tell you why picking the Yankees (+600) to win the title is a terrific idea this year.

For years, Yankees fans have lamented the fact that, despite a high-octane offense and a supposedly unlimited amount of money, the team hasn’t been able to taste World Series success in over 10 years. The reason is primarily because of two reasons: 1. Injury problems. 2. Not enough good starting pitching. Well, I’m happy to report that Problem #2 has been completely solved and Problem #1 is (hopefully) being dealt with.

After spending the offseason adding former Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber and ex-Pirates ace Jameson Taillon, the Yankees are in a much better spot with their starting rotation than they’ve been in many years. Combined with ace Gerrit Cole, having a solid #2 and #3 starter behind him gives the Yankees a lot more confidence in their ability to start games strong and let their high-octane offense build leads.

As for the injury problem, we’re well aware that no one can ever 100% solve this problem, but the Yankees have taken many precautions to make sure that the injury monster doesn’t rear its ugly head so much this season. However, it’s already started, with first baseman Luke Voit, last season’s homerun leader, spending the first month of the season on the shelf with a hand injury, but hopefully, the Yankees’ newfound squad depth can help alleviate his absence.

Truth be told, predicting the World Series Champion before the season begins is hard, but it’s pretty obvious that the team that hits more homeruns and score more runs overall than any other can make that dream become a reality if all the things fall into place.

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