Bet on Manchester United to win the Premier League

The world of sports betting is rife with uncertainty, but that’s what makes the entire thing incredibly attractive to sports fans and regular people alike. However, there are things that happen in the sports world every so often that shift the balance and turn a bet from once being thought of as ridiculous to a shoe-in. Case in point, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has shifted the balance of power in the Barclays Premier League and has made the Red Devils the title favorites in my eyes.

Personally, I placed a bet on United to win the league at the beginning of this month. Now, was that because of some Nostradamus-esque foresight or because I wanted to? I’ll never tell, but the fact is that I’m very confident in that bet hitting, much more so than I was when I placed it. Now, why is that and why should you place a bet of your own on Manchester United?

The fact is that Cristiano Ronaldo is a world-beater. Even at 36 years old, the Portuguese legend is still likely the most feared soccer player on the planet, particularly in big games. Conveniently, it’s in these “big games” that leagues like the Barclays Premier League are decided. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo has been lauded throughout his career for his undying mentality and supreme confidence in his ability to win games, a mentality that undoubtedly rubs off on his teammates.

Basically, there is one reason why you should be placing bets on Manchester United with confidence, and it’s because of Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, I’d be confident saying that you should place bets on the team to win the FA Cup as well and even the Champions League. And if you’re feeling bold, I’d put a smaller bet on a parlay of the three of those.

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