Ben Simmons will be the next big NBA superstar

After overcoming a bad break before his career even began, Ben Simmons is now showing that his name is the next in a long line to be spoken of as “great.” Coming into the 2016 NBA Draft, one name was on the lips of every analyst: Ben Simmons. This Australian kid from LSU was supposed to be the next big thing, and he was drafted first overall by Philadelphia. But his road to playing in the NBA has been anything but easy.

Ben Simmons suffered a torn ACL during the 2016 NBA Summer League, among the worst injuries a professional athlete can suffer. As a result, Simmons missed the entirety of what was supposed to be his rookie season. Obviously, Simmons was disappointed, but NBA viewers were just as disappointed.

So when he began the 2017-2018 NBA season, fans were excited to see the player who had been compared to Oscar Robertson when he was drafted, and to be honest, he hasn’t disappointed. Simmons has taken the league by storm, showing in the process that superstars don’t necessarily need to be great shooters. To clarify, one of Simmons’ big weaknesses is that his shooting touch isn’t too great. However, he’s managed to shove that problem into the background by showing off his abilities as a floor general.

It might seem like this season’s Rookie of the Year race has already been decided, especially if Simmons keeps playing the way he has been so far. But just based on how he’s performed so far, he could start fulfilling the lofty expectations that were given to him on draft day.

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