Barcelona’s Messing Up Their Entire Team

The saga of getting Lionel Messi to re-sign with FC Barcelona has dragged on for about a year, if not longer, but it has gotten significantly less coverage as time has gone on. However, there’s a serious problem that threatens to relegate FC Barcelona to the middle of the league table unless it’s sorted, and it is a concerning financial problem.

Lionel Messi has long been the top earner at FC Barcelona by a long shot, earning €555 million over 4 years. In the past, this has been fine because the salary cap in La Liga was exceptionally high. Since the pandemic, however, the cap has fallen drastically, which means that Lionel Messi’s salary, even after cutting it in half over the next five years, still is too much for FC Barcelona. As a result, they can’t register Messi as a player for the upcoming season until they cut costs elsewhere. The problem is that most of their other high earners are undesirable for other teams to buy because FC Barcelona overpaid for their salaries.

Obviously, it would be a huge setback if the Blaugrana couldn’t register Messi, but the steps they’d have to take in order to do it might be just as bad. In order to shed salaries, they’ll either have to do a few swap deals with other teams, who’ll likely send back someone who earns a similar amount, or they’ll have to simply cut them loose, which would require buying out the contract. Either of these choices have great potential to make FC Barcelona infinitely weaker in favor of retaining their talisman. Lionel Messi may be an all-time great, but I doubt he can work his magic with substandard teammates.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, but La Liga begins on August 13th, which means that the team has under a month to sort this out because if they can’t get Messi registered before Week 1 of the 2021-2022 season, then he won’t be eligible to play at all.

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