The Knicks might get the #1 Overall Pick and trade it…here’s why that’s an awful idea

Throughout history, there has been a variety of epically bad trades. Trades like Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $25,000 or Manhattan Island for $24 worth of trade goods. However, we could be adding another horrifically bad trade to the list if the Knicks were to follow through on the idea they’ve been flirting with. […]

Baseball’s a famous American sport. Why doesn’t anyone watch it’s collegiate counterpart?

Jim Thome, Steve Carlton, Jacob DeGrom, Branch Rickey, J.D. Martinez, Lou Brock. This is a who’s who of baseball past and present, and they all have one thing in common: they were all collegiate athletes. College baseball has produced a large portion of the best Major League Baseball has to offer. So why don’t people […]

The Game’s worth a billion dollars. So why aren’t the players profiting?

Are you upset that college athletes don’t paid? Do you believe that this antiquated rule should be changed? Well, it will change sooner or later. Compensating college athletes for participating in their sport of choice will bring joy to many college sports fans, but not to the NCAA, collegiate sports’ governing body. The NCAA has […]

It’s Over for Julen Lopetegui/Es hora de despedir a Julen Lopetegui

Everyone knew that this year was going to be a year of transition for the fabled Real Madrid, especially after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, but no one expected that new manager Julen Lopetegui, would bring the club down to such depths. Real Madrid have lost 3 matches in a row and 4 of their […]

How Will LeBron’s First Season in LA Pan Out?

Now that the 2018-19 NBA Regular Season has begun, the biggest question of the offseason can now begin to be answered. Throughout the basketball world, everyone’s talking about the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James. However, there’s a few issues concerning the amount of success that he’ll enjoy at the Staples Center. […]

What Is it with the Way People Value Athletes?/Comó se puede valorar a los atletas?

Following yesterday’s news that Canelo Alvarez is now the highest paid athlete on the planet, the question of how players in different sports are valued popped into my mind. Not only why should one athlete get that title over another, but what goes into that evaluation that justifies in the mind of whoever’s paying? The […]

Jimmy Butler no se irá de Minnesota antes del comienzo de la nueva temporada

Cuando estamos fuera de la temporada de la NBA, nos encontramos con una epidemia de historias atractivas. Sin embargo, es frustrante cuando no salen bien. Pero lo que es peor es cuando están apunto de resolverse, y se malogran por la ineptitud de alguien. En este caso, la ineptitud es lo de los Minnesota Timberwolves […]

Jon Gruden no va a sobrevivir al tercer año de su contrato

Hay pocos franquicias en el mundo del deporte que puedan llamarse una comedia de errores. Una de esas ciertamente es los Oakland Raiders, y no se hicieron ellos ningún favor contratando a Jon Gruden por 10 años y creando la subsiguiente debacle que el solo se creó. Vender al mejor jugador defensivo de la NFL, […]