Another Massive Misstep in Houston

There’s a classic saying regarding self-sabotage: two steps forward, one step back. It’s always frustrating to see it happen, especially when you know that there are capable people around to prevent it. However, the Houston Astros, fresh off a debacle caused by former assistant GM Brandon Taubman, managed to dig themselves a deeper hole.

The good news is that the Astros took the debacle, including their mind-numbingly stupid first response, which called out Sports Illustrated for fabricating their story about Taubman intimidating female reporters, and made good of it by firing Taubman. But just like the actual team, which is down 2-0 in the World Series, the organization continued to crash and burn. Despite holding a press conference to address what had happened and announce Taubman’s firing, GM Jeff Luhnow inexplicably couldn’t find time to apologize.

Most shocking was when Luhnow was asked about whether he’d spoken to Stephanie Apstein, one of the female reporters Taubman yelled at and the author of the Sports Illustrated article that broke the news. The Astros’ GM was asked about if he’d contacted Apstein to apologize, and he said he hadn’t had the time, which is ridiculous since an apology like that could’ve been taken care of in a 5-10 phone call.

However, what makes it infinitely worse is that Apstein WAS IN THE ROOM FOR THE PRESS CONFERENCE. I’m not kidding. The woman who exposed this was in the room and when you were asked about giving her an apology, you didn’t do it? If that isn’t ridiculous, I don’t know what ridiculous is.

I don’t wish anything bad on the Astros (though they look listless in the World Series), but I do hope that Jeff Luhnow gets his just desserts, or at least a swift wake-up call to realize that he’s blowing the handling of this situation so badly.

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