Anarchy in La Liga…for playing in North America?

It seems like La Liga’s plans for a North American visit are on hold after the league’s player union came out and announced that they are “unanimously against” holding league matches on the other side of the Atlantic. Obviously, this is a serious issue that could jeopardize the league’s 15-year deal with Relevant Sports, who organize the International Champions Cup, which showcases European teams in the U.S. before the beginning of each new season. Beyond that, the player’s association announced that they plan to strike if La Liga moves ahead with their North American plan.

Obviously this is really bad for both the league and for North American fans who were looking forward to seeing their favorite teams compete in real matches that matter. However, the biggest concern is the threatened strike, which would be bad for just about every organization related to the game of football. The mere idea of having the entire Spanish league put on hold would be devastating to any of these organizations, like FIFA or UEFA. Many believe that La Liga is the world’s best league, so the lost entertainment value from that decision would be huge.

La Liga president Javier Tebas needs to go speak to the members of the league and try and work a deal out with them to make all parties as happy as possible. If not, to put it lightly, there will be consequences.

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