Absolutely Unacceptable!

Well behaved people get rewarded in life. Conversely, people who act up get punished. This was readily apparent as a young child, like when your parents would give you a treat for being good or a timeout for being bad. This practice should reinforce the idea of good discipline as a person matures, but apparently it didn’t work for Antonio Brown.

I wrote about Brown yesterday and defended his actions of missing a couple of practice sessions for the sake of self-preservation. I wish that would’ve been the end of it. However, for someone who’s been coddled as Brown has been, he can’t leave well enough alone. He threatened the Raiders’ GM, Mike Mayock, during practice yesterday. Obviously, actions like this won’t be looked upon well by team executives.

This situation has now become critical, as ESPN’s Adam Schefter has reported that the Raiders are planning to suspend Brown and might try and void his guaranteed money, which would make him a free agent. To imagine that one of the NFL’s best wide receivers in the past decade might be shipped off as a free agent is not what most people expected coming into the NFL’s 100th season. However, the most unfortunate part of this is that Antonio Brown is getting concerned looks about his health. CTE has been a big concern with a guy who has worn the same helmet since high school. CTE would also explain his rash behavior, so there might actually be some truth to the rumor, which would be concerning.

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