Aaron Judge is the future of baseball

For the past few years, Major League Baseball has struggled to find a new face for the league. There have been several candidates for the position, but while guys like Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant have been popular, they lack something that can make them global superstars. But there’s a new star who many are saying can be the new face of the league: Aaron Judge.

His combination of impossible strength, an infectious smile, and a great named that inspires justice, Aaron Judge will become the new face of baseball. Honestly, it helps that he’s a member of MLB’s winningest franchise: the New York Yankees. But it’s his overall image that is especially marketable: He’s huge, so he gives off the aura of an authoritative figure. His smile is infectious, and his bat is huge. I’m not talking about his penchant for demolishing baseballs, I’m talking about his actual bat. It measures 35’’ long and weighs 33 ounces. In a league where the average bat size is 32’’ and 30 ounces, Judge essentially wields Braveheart’s sword on the diamond.

But seriously, Aaron Judge is a terrific candidate to be the face of the league for the next decade or so. At 6’7’’, he’s an imposing physical presence, but with a .322 batting average leading into the All-Star Break, he’s shown that he is also incredibly effective as a player. But it’s his superhuman strength that has everyone buzzing. Apparently, hitting the roof of Marlins Park, as Judge did during the Home Run Derby, was something that NASA said wasn’t possible.

Going through the possibilities of what could happen going forward through the second half of the season, many experts are already predicting that Judge will not only win Rookie of the Year (that’s a foregone conclusion), but they’re saying that he might just win the AL MVP Award as well. If that doesn’t solidify him as the face of the MLB, then nothing will.

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